Hi, my name is Namu Williams. I'm the owner and primary photographer here at American Photographic.

My history

My grandparents stuck a Pentax K1000 in my hand when I was a little boy and even though I didn't know how to really use it, I had the general idea. I ran around the room saying, "Click! Click!" and pointing it at everyone. The adults got a kick out of it, and I got the photography bug.

Nearly forty years later and it's my full time profession, and something that I still love, passionately. I learn new things every time I step out to shoot, and I get excited for every single event or portrait session I photograph. I'll be doing this until I'm not physically able to any longer, and by then, maybe my son will take over. Or maybe he'll be doing something else that he loves with the same passion I have for photography. Either way, I'm glad to be here and thankful for the clients who believe in me. 🙂

My style

These days, a lot of photographers use the words "traditional" and "photojournalism" to describe their style of photography, and those hold true for me too, but let me try to give you a more accurate idea of what it's like to have me photograph for you:

At events, I look for the big smiles, the happy interactions, the cheers and everything in between. I find the moments between your guests that they may want to remember forever - the dancing and the laughing and the hugging and the toasting and the talking and every other moment that makes up your special event and I take photos of them, clear and beautiful and vivid. Those photos turn into your story.

In portrait sessions, I get to know your needs, and I work with you to create portraits that fit your needs, exactly. Whether you're a family looking to capture the love between each other, a company looking to show the world the great talent you've gathered together, a couple hoping to document the special connection you have with one another or any other portrait clients, I spend all my efforts making sure you look your best, your happiest, your most professional - which ever image you're looking for, I help you achieve it.

My personality

I'm funny and friendly, charming and engaging. I love to be in the conversation, so don't be surprised if you see me chatting amiably with your guests, sharing jokes and enjoying the day like they are. Whether it's portraits or events, I learned a long time ago that the more someone feels comfortable around you, the better your photos of them turn out, and the easiest way to make someone comfortable is to get to know them and listen to who they are. It works great with adults and kids alike, and you can see in my photos that people are comfortable around me - smiling and enjoying themselves.

I say this a lot, but only because it's really important when learning who I am - I *love* my job. I love the work I've chosen to do every day. I like every step of the process - marketing, advertising, building my own websites, meeting with potential clients for the first time, discussing the details - you might think it gets boring going over the same details each time, and it might for some, but not for me. I feel like every client I meet is a potential new friendship or networking opportunity, and that makes the process brand new for me each time. Getting to know people is enjoyable, and then photographing them and sharing all of those great moments with them and their family, coworkers or friends? That's pretty amazing. I get paid to spend time with a variety of interesting people during some of the best moments of their lives. Not a lot of people can say that.