Namu Williams, owner and primary photographer at American Photographic
(member of WPPI, Canon CPS Gold, eater of sushi)

Hi there! I’m Namu. I appreciate that you’re considering hiring me, so how about I tell you a little about myself?

First, let’s get just it out of the way. Weird name, right? My grandfather Norman, son to two American Methodist missionaries, was born and raised in the Bengal region of India and when he was growing up, the local women who helped raised him called him “namu”, which was apparently a term of endearment for little kids. My father wanted to honor his father by naming me after him so Namu ended up being my real name and my grandfather’s nickname. Cool, huh? Nope, lol. It sucked. I got teased a lot through elementary, junior high and some of high school. I got so tired of being teased that I even went by my middle name for awhile! But that all changed when I got older. My name became a conversation starter and point of interest – and once I discovered that women found my name cute, it was all over. I’ve loved my name ever since.

Maybe my unique name helped guide my path over the years – I was always involved in some kind of artistic endeavor, whether it was doing graphic design, producing hip hop concerts or making websites. Photography was just a natural progression – I’ve needed great photos for almost every project I’ve ever done, so it made sense that I would end up cutting out the middle man and learning to photograph people myself. I’ve been photographing people for nearly 15 years now.

I remember the first time someone asked me if they could pay me to take their picture all those years ago – man, I was SO excited! I mean, really? You want to give me money to do something I really enjoy doing anyway? That was intoxicating.

I started out pretty slow, shooting here and there, mostly for my own projects and then for a few friends and family, and finally for strangers who’d been referred to me. Because I wasn’t trying to be an artist, I focused less on pushing creative boundaries and more on creating the most polished images I could, aiming for vivid, colorful and accurate. I think that’s why I’d rather call myself a craftsman than an artist. I love and respect the ultra creative pageantry of fine art photography, but I’m far more grounded in the idea that telling a story or capturing a memory is better achieved by a realistic style, rather than an artistic one. That’s why you won’t see edits from me with heavy filters or sepia tones or other “trendy” editing styles. When I shoot, I aim for an easy going, youthful, natural approach with an emphasis on the candid, rather than the posed, and because I’m great with light and dark spaces alike and I work well in environments that are often hectic and fast-paced, I’m perfectly suited for the event photography and portraiture industry I’m part of.

Last but not least, I’m a proud dad! My son is a saucy 9 year old boy who thinks he’s the boss of me, lol. And probably most importantly? He and I are both huge fans of sushi.

Thanks for reading and even if you don’t end up booking with me, feel free to reach out and connect! New friends are always welcome! I’m 100% positive you and I will get along famously.

OH MY GOD! These pictures are PHENOMENAL!!! Thank you so so much. I would love to work with you again. You’ll be my first call!Mai Owens
We really can't recommend Namu highly enough. We get one wedding and one wedding photographer in this lifetime and we went with the right one. Thanks again, Namu. 🙂Jess & Denis Roberts
Jess & Denis RobertsVIEW IMAGES
Namu is a pleasure to work with. He makes clients feel at ease and is able to accurately capture subjects in a natural and honest light. He is friendly, easy going, and is a real people person. Namu’s puts great care and consideration into making sure you receive photos that you ask for, along with assuring that you come away with those candid moments. You can count on Namu to deliver incredible images in a timely manner!Willy Chen
Working with Namu was so easy and comfortable! He did an amazing job getting the shots as well as editing them! He did outstanding work for me! Thanks NamuKatelynn Erickson
Katelynn EricksonVIEW IMAGES
Loved working with Namu...he did a great job of capturing moments that didn’t look forced or posed. He was professional and kind and encouraging and I LOVED the end results. Thank you Namu! If I find my way to your area again, I’m totally booking another shoot.Heather Garwood
Heather GarwoodVIEW IMAGES
Hired Namu for two important events in my life! Hiring Namu was a breeze, paying him was even easier, he showed up early & stayed later if needed, he was the constant professional, easy & flexible to work with and the best photos I have ever seen (throws mic down). I recommend Namu highly!Gus Rivera

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