It’s the 2020 wedding season, ya’ll!

I photograph a limited number of weddings per year, so I want to make sure we’re the right photography team for you, and you’re the right Bride & Groom for us! I can help you decide if we’re a good fit by asking a simple question:

Do you love the photographs I take?

If the answer is yes, then everything else will work out fine. I get along with everyone, and I work really hard to make sure your special day goes amazingly, so if you love the way I capture memories, then you’re ready to book!

But just to be safe, here’s what I think photographing a wedding should be about: when future-you looks back at your wedding, you’ll want to be reminded of how you felt, who you saw, the laughter and tears and funny moments. You’ll want to look through your photos and be reminded of all the feelings you felt…and with us as your team, you will! Of course, I photograph the traditional shots, your guests and the details, but even better, I’m great at catching the little moments that are often missed. One of the greatest compliments I get is when Brides go through their photos and then text me to say “I had no idea that even happened! I’m SO glad you caught that!”

Whether you’re sharing your images with friends or family or a future generation, you’ll want them to see the story of your big day, told through clear, beautiful photographs. That’s exactly how we roll.

So, ready to get started? Fill out my bridal questionnaire, and I’ll contact you within 24 hours, and we can start talking about how I’m going to help you have the best wedding photography experience, ever!